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"Pipe Dream" is a visual rendition of the a 1942 American classic, Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man.” The song was selected by The Smith Center, which comissioned the sculpture, because its message resonates with the Center for Performing Arts mission to serve the community.

Each pipe represents a single note in Aaron Copeland’s composition. The colors are derived from a sign palette [1-Shot Enamel], 19 colors total. The root note [B-flat] of the song is blue/green. The third [D] is orange. The fifth [f] is magenta. The last pole: The unpainted pole represents a musical rest at the end of the composition. The Lights: The measure of time. Lights at every two feet represent a bar. 40 bars total. The sculpture is located at the east end of the two-acre Symphony Park, and serves as a frame to the outdoor stage.

The Making of "Pipe Dream" video by Something New

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